Senin, 13 Oktober 2014

Adjustment Air Pressure of The Tire

Tires play no role in the amount proper air of vehicle. It becomes possible to fill air into the tire to support the weight of the vehicle. I say the air is the most important parts for the tire. The proper pressure is specified by the use of vehicle tire and displayed in such stickers body part which is exposed when the driver opening the door.

About 900kPa has been specified. 200kPa before and after the case of passenger cars and 600 large car for buses and trucks such as the proper number. Month or so, keeping the proper air pressure about every one month is important in tubeless. led to a reduction = pressure drop in volume due to a decrease in temperature, air pressure in a variety of causes the density of the air is low air or leak from the tire with the passage of time, even put the air at the proper air pressure when hot it acts in the direction to decrease.

Air pressure under

When a pressure of about half a proper pressure, it becomes apparent to the eye that the tire is depressed. Sometimes standing wave phenomenon occurs Continuing the operation in this state, burst tire (burst), which is very dangerous.

Since the Ford Explorer, was the air pressure specified too low too much emphasis on the ride in 2000, the incident that causes the (burst) burst tire has the heat when you are traveling on a high-speed road also occurs have. In the United States, the mounting of TPMS that constantly monitors the air pressure of the tires are required in response to this. TPMS has been adopted in a sports car and some luxury cars in other countries.

If the air pressure is lower than that contains the specified air pressure, it is not the braking force and driving force increases necessarily the ground area of ​​the tire is increased. That is, leading to improvement of the grip, but result in poor cornering performance other hand, it is likely tire deflection. In addition, tire tread will continue to wear from both shoulder. Since the contact area increases, leading to reduction of the coefficient of rolling, lower fuel economy.

Because you are increasing the adhesion by the internal pressure, sometimes tire deviates from the wheel in some cases tires and wheels.

Excessive air pressure 

It is made so it does not tire to burst even put the air at an air pressure of 3 times - design, 2.

If the air pressure increase is on than the air pressure specified, receives directly the shock of the unevenness of the road surface and the step and is easily tire is bound, road surface contact area Rutotomoni, the tire is reduced ride quality drops braking force and driving force is not easily transmitted to. (※ grip worse, but fuel consumption is kept Ru) leads to a deterioration of grip in other words. In addition, tire tread will continue to wear from the center.